Be Good

by cross record

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Michael Keerdo-Dawson From the opening discordant pangs of 'Watching Something Nice', you know your in for listening to something different. By the time you reach the unrestrained hellishness of 'Dirt Nap' your suspicions are all but completely confirmed - in part it is as if this demonian music was taken from your worst nightmares, but then a softer side emerges -still bleak and hopeless but with some hint of light to come. Favorite track: Dirt Nap.
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12″ LP, 150 gram white vinyl, with poster insert
Jacket photograph by Shane Lavalette
Released August 2012
Edition of 300


released August 1, 2012

My sincerest appreciation to Mother, Father and Brother, my closest blood.

Thanks to Aunt Trish, Antonio Coelho, and Mikel Aboitiz for your gracious support and love. Thanks also to Theo Karon for your meticulous and extraordinary work engineering and mixing this album, to Doug Tesnow, Peter Frederiksen, Michele Finkelstein, Dan Duszynski, Dylan Jones, James Kozar, Sarah Derer, Mack Mcclellen, Shane Lavalette, and Paul and Patsy Karon. My friends, you are my inspirations and you keep me kind.

All of you who have supported me, who have offered loving words and constructive criticisms, who have been calming presence through my public displays of nervousness, I am truly so grateful for you.

Please be good to yourselves and to one another.

Emily Cross- vocals, guitar, ukulele, clarinet, steel drum, tape loops, percussion
Theo Karon- keyboard , piano, guitar, tape loops, vocals, percussion
Sarah Derer- vocal loops
Peter Frederiksen- guitar
Dan Duszynski- bass guitar
Doug Tesnow- bass clarinet
Michele Finkelstein- flute

Recorded and engineered by Theo Karon at The Great Northern and The Museum of Everything in Buchanan, Michigan…with the exception of Watching Something Nice,
which was recorded and engineered by Dan Duszynski at Dandy Sounds Studio in Chicago, Illinois. Mastered by Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA.

Jacket photograph by Shane Lavalette

Released by Lay Flat, August 2012



all rights reserved


cross record Texas

Music from the home and minds of Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski in Dripping Springs, TX.

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Track Name: Little Orange
When the world is ending,
I'll be peeling
a little orange

A beautiful spiral,
the color of
the burnt sun

In the middle, in its core
I see the Earth below
Track Name: Cups in the Sink
Holding on,
Sometimes we hold so hard.
Yesterday's gone,
Tomorrow is so far

Tell myself
Today is all I need
On the edge of something

Wanna fall inside, never reach the ground
When I hit it I'll know it's time to go back home
I will say it's fine, but it really won't
Leave my mind.

Holding on,
We hold on forever
To shapes and names and places, faces and years

Let me go,
Please just let me go.

All the cups are in the sink for you
And all you really wanna do is
Walk around the block
One or two
Track Name: Maybe I'm Crazy
There's someone watching me
from a window across the street
I am not afraid

Maybe I'm crazy

There's someone watching me
From far, far away
From there I look like a speck of dirt on the Earth
Far, far away.

Maybe I'm crazy.
Track Name: Dirt Nap
Finding this body
its shadows growing
You are being
gently removed,
fiercely lured
By one with
plastic flowers for a soul

Has a way with many words,
breaks bodies after death
Forming the thought:
"I thought I woke up, but I didn't actually wake up"
Track Name: Skins of Fishes
Skins of fishes
Shine in the night
A beacon of light
For poor beached souls

Many, many, many

Tumbling around
Like rocks before gems,
Like glass before dull enough to pocket

Many, many, many
Track Name: Hungry, Thirsty
Thought I saw you
on a sand dune
I get hungry, I get thirsty.
Track Name: Not Quite White Light
Bathe in the vibration,
do it every second
it never stops
You might get an illusion,
but an illusion is...

Like a cobra in a basket,
I'm charmed by the sound
The Devil pays attention
to what hypnotizes the soft, soft
My soft mind.

In the distance I notice a not quite white light...
It calls to me constantly

I don't know why it scares me, I've seen it already.
Track Name: Be Good
Be good.